DSC00142Imagine having a handful of basics that make travelling life a little organized and amazing. There have been so many instances with folks asking me my favorite travel essentials. So I decided to go ahead and pick out my most preferred 4 items I definitely have to carry along on any trip with me. So this short and sweet list has been built based on ease of use, comfort and brilliance. These definitely came in so handy nearly every time I went on an outing.

Dior’s couture palette – Edition Voyage

Simply love this uncomplicated luxurious bantam beauty – travel user friendly, compact and sort of an all in one mini case. (I’m sure it can prep anyone’s jet lagged face too!). This compact palette is known for creating two of Dior’s iconic runway looks natural “nude” and sophisticated “smoky”. Be it an occasion or just any other jaunt, if someone who wants to quickly get their ‘effortless make up look’ then this is by the far the most handy item. One doesn’t need to hunt for the different items from their bag.

It consists of a dual compact foundation, 2 sets of eye shadows, liner, blush, 2 lip plumpers, lipstick (light pinkish), gloss, overcurl mascara, foundation applicator, brushes and a little booklet guide to create a few looks. For those of them who may want to use other cosmetics like concealers, bb creams, different lipstick shades, they might want to carry it along with them. I prefer to carry two more lip colors along with me and it suitably fits into this palette’s pouch along with the palette itself. This darling kit was picked up at a duty free store from the airport.


Being one of those who loves travelling but hates the thought of using a public toilet, this seems to be a sort of a savior for me. This innovative creation is something every health conscious female should have with them in their handbags! Absolutely agree to what their tag line says – ‘Girl’s best friend for unfriendly toilets’. Perfect to carry on any kind of outing, especially on road trips where it is particularly challenging to find sanitized privies. This portable device eases the discomfort from using a public toilet. It’s much more hygienic, keeps you free from most germs, slim enough to fit into almost any bag, easy to use and dispose instantly. This is easily available online.

Large Tote Bag from Love Moschino:

This gorgeous royal blue bag is extremely spacious. It is a perfect carryall for both evanescent journeys and lengthy road trips. This trendy tote has an intertwined heart feature in the front while still looking fabulously chic. It comes with a small zip pouch inside it, for tiny stuffs that could otherwise get lost at the bottom. As a mom I sometimes need room for my items as well as my son’s; it fits in objects I need to remove spontaneously and also has a fantastic functional shape. It’s lightweight and lies well on the shoulder, I can fit in loads of items into it and still be able to carry it around easily. This was picked up from The Collective, Bangalore.

Salvatore Ferragamo‘s SF783S ICE

This classic piece will appeal at any given scene – forever smart and sensational. It is inspired by the brand’s ‘Vara’ Pumps collection and has its beautiful signature on the temple. The round frames with slightly pulled corners make it look simple yet elegant and timeless.

What is your list of favourite travel essentials? Would love to know. Please do share in the comments below.


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